Smart Appliances Keep Seniors Safe at Home

“I’ve fallen and can’t get up.” This catch phrase was a famous commercial in the 1980’s played millions of times that showed an elderly lady who had fallen in her home and could not reach the phone for help. This issue of keeping senior safe at home through technology is now a reality as hundreds of game changing devices have been invented to do just that.

I was watching Fox Business the other day and a hybrid long term care insurance commercial was played showing the benefits on how hybrid long term care insurance can act as an investment, life insurance and pay for care in the seniors homes if they need help. This caused me to do some research on the topic of hybrid long term care insurance for my parents as my grandmother had one fallen in her house and ended up dying as a result because she could not get the the phone just like in the commercial.

I did some research and discovered that this hybrid long term care insurance product that I saw on TV will pay for anything the person needs to keep themself safe at home. That includes any appliance or any smart appliance like an Apple Watch which has an accelerometer and can detect if a person falls and send a text message for help or even phone 911! I was really amazed that the hybrid long term care insurance would pay for that kind of thing.

Seniors are preyed upon all the time, so security is important. There are appliances and devices one can install in your home to alert the police if someone is trying to break in. The Ring Video Doorbell can alert you on your phone of even the screen on your smart refrigerator if someone is at the door.

Keeping all this technology working can be a challenge and that why we partnered with the hybrid long term care insurance companies to allow for to come fix and replace any part in your smart home that breaks. You can even use the cash value from your hybrid long term care insurance to pay for these repairs.

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